• You can search for any word or phrase by just typing the word or phrase and clicking the search button. The search will also return similar versions of the keyword.

    This will return results for Manager, as well as Management and Managerial.

  • You can also match on an exact phrase by placing quotes around the phrase. For example: "Project Manager" will return the exact phrase "project manager" and not "project management" or "project managers"

  • All search terms are automatically included by default. If you would like to return matches for multiple keywords use the "OR" operator.

    Apple OR Orange

    This will return results for Apple as well as results for Orange.
  • Use quotes around search terms to require that words be in a specific order.

    "Large Apple"
    This will match "the large apple was red" but not "the red apple was large".
    This will also match "the large, apple was red". Commas (,) and other non-alphabetic characters are ignored between quotes.

  • Commas (,) are treated as ORs in the search.
    Apples, Bananas
    This will return results for Apples as well as results for Bananas and is treated just like Apples OR Bananas would be treated.

  • You can add parentheses to nest expressions within a search. The expressions in parentheses are evaluated before the rest of the search. You may also use the NOT operator to filter results from a search. In order to use the NOT operator, you must enclose the search phrase within curly braces { }.

  • Example:
    {(Apple OR Orange) AND NOT Banana}
    This will return results for Apple as well as results for Orange, but will not display any records that contain Banana.

  • Searches are not case-sensitive.

  • Punctuation marks such as the period (.), colon (:), and semicolon (;) are ignored during a search.

  • Radius/mileage searches are an approximation, and based off city & zip code.